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Mini Pocket Small Portable Printer

Mini Pocket Small Portable Printer

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Revamp your printing experience with our Printer, now available in a range of captivating color options. Choose from the charming Pink Rabbit Ear, the vibrant Green Rabbit Ear, the classic White Rabbit Ear, or explore the T02 series in various hues like White, Blue, Green, and Yellow. Each T02 variant includes a roll of 1 meter non-adhesive paper for your convenience.

Key Features:

  • White, Full Blue, Green, Full Yellow.
  • Pattern: Plain
  • Type: Printer
  • Material: Plastic

Package Contents: Your purchase includes the Printer, a consumables baffle, assorted consumables, a charging cable, a comprehensive manual, and a well-designed packing box comprising both an envelope and a bottom box (X1).

Elevate your printing tasks with our versatile Printer, offering a spectrum of colors to match your style. Enjoy a seamless printing experience with all the essential components included in one package. Choose your favorite color variant and dive into the world of efficient and vibrant printing!